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Tokyo Ghoul Week  Day 5 :: Emperor
↳ Favorite Male Character

"Remember me, as vivid as I used to be."

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Zankyou no Terror - #11 VON

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Yamori ordered me to count out loud backward by sevens from one thousand.
This instruction, which I didn't understand at first,
is something I now realize was to keep me as sane as possible. I was clinging to these numbers. Meanwhile, Yamori took my hands and feet...
again and again, and AGAIN. And now...IT'S MY TURN

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tokyoghoulweek: Day 4: Empress

Touka Kirishima  {霧嶋 董香}

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…means “hope”

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I’ll leave the rest to you…

I can’t deal with this 

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The final sight Nine saw, before he passed.It's obvious who the birds resemble. Twelve and Nine flying up towards the light, with Five close behind. Finally free.
The final sight Nine saw, before he passed.
It's obvious who the birds resemble. 
Twelve and Nine flying up towards the light,
with Five close behind. Finally free.

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V-O-N means hope.

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「 The ice no longer glistened, and the sun shone no more. 

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"It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”

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Actually I think all the families are there:

The Tachibanas of course we recognise.

The Nanases next to them.

Nagisa’s parents and sister(s?) to the top left.

The Ryugazaki parents at the bottom right.

Oh my god 

Ok sorry for the Free! spam but my life just ended so I feel it’s justified.

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They stayed together!

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college megane makoto gives me a reason to live

Look if this is what going to college in Japan is like, I can’t wait lol 

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My Mako baby has glasses

My life is officially made 

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