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"Secret Longing to Be Courageous"


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Shizuku’s take on “Country Roads”

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listeningtolullabies: i probably should look this up on google but i mostly just want to put something in your ask what is a playbill how have I crushed dreams (I know I'm a ruthless evil mastermind, worse than at least 7 voldemorts, but I didn't even realize what I was doing this time)

A playbill is one of those booklets you get when you see plays or musicals with the actor information and stuff……*Yup pretty sure Nick just died*

the-life-of-emer: Its anime, aerobics girl again haha, I only just got your reply then I'm so sorry I'm useless and I can't work out how to chat on this site fkkk. To answer your question, I mostly follow aerobics because I do aerobics (guiltyyyy ;) but I love artistic and acrobatic, and I bit of rythmic but it gets a bit much after a while. My all time favourite anime is Clannad but I also love SAO and Kanon. Love the soundtracks to them too. What about you which anime do you love? xo

Lol I’m just as bad because I’m just replying to this now…..

I really love Clannad and I just finished Kanon!  Key Sounds Label soundtracks are just amazing lol…Dango Daikazoku makes me tear up every time.  Have you seen Air or Angel Beats?  Those are similar.  My favorite anime ever is probably Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.  Ughhh I love the animation, the music, the character development…everything.  It’s so funny and yet so deep about human nature!  I’m watching a lot of airing shows right now, but nothing is really catching my interest. 


My Neighbor Totoro (1988)


My Neighbor Totoro (1988)

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there is no escape (⊙ A ⊙)⁼³₌₃ ⁼³₌₃ ⁼³₌₃ ヾ(^∇^) 

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 | “Even when our eyes are closed, there’s a whole world out there that lives outside ourselves & our dreams. |  

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I, who am neither human nor ghoul, am all alone.

That’s not true! You’re both ghoul and human!

heavily inspired by dearestsoul ~

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Sam Mikulak, John Orozco, Fabian Hambüchen

Fabian and his various bromances = my life

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Nastia and Nastia’s dad. lol

This is so great though

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Race, lineage, gender, rank… Worrying about that shit in battle does nothing but increase casualties. We absolutely cannot lose Briggs. No matter what happens, we must stay united! Never let your resolve waver! We stand together as ONE ARMY!

Briggs appreciation gifset for fullmetalarmstrongs

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no matter what okinawa will be fun ო dedicated to special thanks to iryonin for allowing me to use her translation~

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